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Rudd disappointed by asean summit cancellation, says ‘never again’

19 Juin

Rudd disappointed by asean summit cancellation, says ‘never again’

Tony Abbott: “You’re being rude to me”. — Nine News Sydney (@NineNewsSyd) September 11, 2017

But Mr Turnbull told ABC radio that 바카라사이트the prime minister, who has a reputation for being rude and abrasive, had shown himself to be “brilliant” on the day.

“I don’t need an argument about the prime minister — I’m here for you, and I don’t need an argument,” he said.

The prime m우리카지노inister called for a meeting of the G20 leaders’ summit, which he said took place at Brisbane, following the cancellation of the G20 summit on Tuesday afternoon.

His words may not be directed at Mr Abbott’s handling of the G20, but have prompted speculation that Mr Turnbull is preparing a formal statement in Brisbane about the fallout from the weekend’s developments.

Mr Turnbull and Mr Abbott have been at odds for a while, after Australia’s prime minister suggested that Australia, with its high taxes on alcohol, was not doing enough to reduce alcohol-related violence.

A우리카지노ustralia’s alcohol policy has become a hot-button issue in Australia, after Sydney man David Dudding was gang-raped by a group of Chinese men, allegedly because he failed to pay a $100 fine.

He was found not guilty and was ordered to pay back $2,700 in court.

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